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The KAC Partners Program

The KAC Partners Program is designed to give Kingdom Minded Planters an opportunity to invest in the mission(s) of The Kingdom Advancement Center through the following programs: The Kingdom Institute, The KAC Scholars Program, ‘Apostolic-Go’ International Missions, and Regional Conferences & Training Centered Seminars.

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The Kingdom Institute

The Kingdom Institute (KI) is a teaching and training ministry commissioned to build, develop and equip leaders to advance the Kingdom of God. The KI consists of multiple 16-week courses that teach and activate students in the areas of Prayer and Bible Study, Understanding Spiritual Gifts, Healing and Deliverance, Prophecy, Executive Leadership, Strategic Management and many other topics. These courses are held on a rolling weekly schedule, allowing enrollment at any time. The Kingdom Institute is also the Ministry License and Ordination arm of the Kingdom Advancement Center.

KAC Scholars

The KAC Scholars Program is a financial aid program designed to identify and empower academic scholars to receive an education through STEM based programs, continuing education certifications, and post-secondary & graduate degrees. The students are commissioned to represent the Kingdom of God in every sphere of society including Government, Arts & Entertainment, Education, & Business. Each student is also required to attend classes at the Kingdom Institute where they are taught what it means to advance God’s Heavenly Kingdom on Earth through community involvement and social responsibility.

Engage Africa

‘Apostolic-Go’ International Missions is the Church building and planting ministry of The Kingdom Advancement Center. Its goal is to help fulfill the commission of the Kingdom of God around the world to teach all nations. This teaching ministry will be executed through the specific mission(s) of The Kingdom Advancement Center by assisting and cooperating with other local churches that also desire to establish the Kingdom of God through the faith of Jesus Christ around the World. The KAC currently partners with Engage Africa (pictured to the left).


The purpose of The Kingdom Advancement Center’s Regional Conferences & Training Centered Seminars is to advance the Kingdom of God through our Lord Jesus Christ in the Greater Elgin and Fox Valley Region and beyond. These Conferences and Seminars represent a trumpet call to God’s people and is a platform meant to unify, equip, and send out the saints for Kingdom work(s). Our Regional Conferences are held bi-annually at The Kingdom Advancement Center in the Spring & Fall.


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