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List of KAC Conferences, Seminars, and Events

The Kingdom Advancement Center leaders are available to speak about a variety of topics as well as to equip and train individuals and groups. Each seminar or conference can be adjusted in length and content to fit your group's specific needs. If your group is interested, please contact us with any questions or for more information.

A. Manifesting Spiritual Gifts Conference

There is a need in the Body of Christ for God's people to walk in the 9 Gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:7-11). We have been mandated by Christ Jesus to do greater works (John 14:12). The Manifesting Spiritual Gifts Conference is offered to Local Churches and Ministries to equip believers with the foundation to walk in the 9 Gifts of the Spirit with a foundation in Tongues and Prophecy. Prophetic Ministry is provided by the KAC Staff as we are led by the Holy Ghost.

B. The Kingdom Healthcare System - Healing and Deliverance Seminar

Learn the foundational biblical principles surrounding healing and the need for deliverance from demonic oppression outside and within the body of Christ. This seminar will not only teach you about healing and deliverance but will take you through the process of ministering healing and deliverance to yourself and others! You will exercise the gifts of healing and become activated as an effective deliverance minister.

C. Kingdom Minded Marriage Conference
This poignant and dynamic seminar focuses on debunking marital myths, instilling biblical truths in marriages and giving couples an opportunity to put their faith in action during the seminar. You will learn about the true meaning of love, how to improve your marital communication, ways to enhance your sex life (God’s way), have a culture of forgiveness and learn how to put money in its rightful place in marriage. This seminar is a must for all Kingdom Minded Marriages!
D. The Kingdom Economy (Kingdonomics) - A Money Management Seminar
If you want to become a savvy financial steward, this is the class for you! Learn how to create and stick to a budget, accurately save, wisely invest and advance the Kingdom of God with your finances. The bible has much to say about your money and how its principles can make your money work for you. Come learn what they are, and begin working within the King’s economy today!
E. The Revelation of Faith Conference
Come experience a fresh revelation about Faith in the Kingdom of God! This life changing conference digs deep into the core of who we are as the Body of Christ utilizing our faith, gifts, and resources to cultivate a culture of Kingdom Living. With dynamic preaching, teaching, praise and worship, exercising of gifts and more, you will be enhanced to advance the Kingdom of God!

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